We can’t afford to do everything. We need to prioritise and make sure rates are affordable for our community.

A number of projects have been considered by Council which at this stage, are not being funded. Some of these projects include:

Addressing Te Awamutu/Pirongia water taste and odour issue

Each year, some residents in Pirongia and Te Awamutu notice that their water starts to smell and taste different over a few weeks in summer.

This is caused by the increase in levels of algae in  the water storage dam. To fix this, Council would need to install a dedicated treatment system which would cost $3.5m. Council decided against this as the planned $25.9m water supply project would significantly reduce the chance of taste and odour issues occurring.

Ngāhinapōuri Reid Road realignment

There have been some concerns from the community regarding the safety of the Reid Road intersection with State Highway 39.

Council is committed to providing safe roads across the district but would like to explore all options before a final solution is decided on. A solution will be confirmed once the structure plan for the area (basically a plan of attack for developing a new growth cell) is developed. This will explore all options. This structure plan is budgeted to take place in 2020.

Climax steam locomotive engine

In the 1950s, the Te Awamutu community was gifted a Climax B Steam Locomotive by former Mayor, Jonas Smyth. Up until 2004, the engine could be found in Te Awamutu Memorial Park but due to weather damage had to be moved into temporary storage.

Since then, the Climax 1317 Trust has been restoring the engine and now requires a place for public display and funding for a glass casing. The cost of this is estimated to be $500,000.

Council has set aside $100,000 to go towards relocation and the glass casing and the remaining $400,000 will need to be externally fundraised.

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