Waipā is growing faster than ever before. By 2050 we're expecting an additional 25,000 people. This will take our total population to nearly 75,000.

We have been identified as a 'high growth' area by central government and the recent National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity requires us to supply sufficient land for growth. In other words, we no longer have the option to limit growth; we must supply enough land for the projected growth coming our way.

Making sure we have the right amount, and type, of land available throughout the district is a key priority for Council. We also need to have the right services available for those moving into our district - safe roads to travel on, a resilient water supply and ensuring all of our services can keep up with the demand.

As well as all of this, we want to make sure we maintain and enhance the unique character of our towns. We want to protect who we are and continue to make sure our towns remain fantastic places to live in.


Last year we reviewed our growth strategy to make sure we were allowing development in the right parts of the district, at the right time. We worked closely with our residents, particularly those who would be directly affected, and developers. Hearing from so many people during this process has resulted in a strategy we are confident will manage growth for our district.


It’s great to be able to share the excellent quality of life that Cambridge offers with more people.

It is exciting to see the communities in the Waipā growing because it reflects the vibrancy and quality of the areas. There is still community here and none of these plans are so large as to risk diluting that.

The growth will severely impact on the Cambridge town centre particularly in terms of parking, already an issue, which is in urgent need of addressing. By creating a larger shopping complex in the outlying development this would obviate the need for people to shop in the town centre on a regular basis.

I think that the council should develop land that is not going to cost the ratepayer money that does not need to be spent.


Rapid growth has the biggest impact on our water and wastewater services. Growth also means most of our significant water projects must happen within the first three years of the 10-Year Plan.

As well as needing to invest heavily in improving and expanding our waters infrastructure, we also need to spend more money so we can comply with new regulations that will make sure local councils continue to protect the environment.

OVER THE NEXT 10 YEARS (2018-28)

Over the next 10 years, it will cost $1.26 BILLION to expand and run our district.

$58 MILLION all up will be spent on community projects that make our district such a great place to be - like playgrounds and the new Cambridge pool.

More than $190 MILLION will be spent on growth projects that will make sure we're ready for all of the new people coming our way.


  • We have seven water treatment plants.
  • Every day we deliver an average of 26,410 cubic metres of water.
  • We supply water to more than 14,000 properties through 573 kilometres of water mains and pipes.

$127 MILLION will be invested in water infrastructure... including $25.9 MILLION on increasing the Te Awamutu water supply.


$138 MILLION will be invested in stormwater infrastructure development across the district..


Wastewater (sewage) is everything that gets flushed down the toilet, or washed down your kitchen sink and laundry into the wastewater system.


  • We have two wastewater treatment plants.
  • We treat wastewater from 12,000 properties through 260km of wastewater mains and 55 pump stations.

$132 MILLION will be invested in wastewater infrastructure development... including $27.4 MILLION on upgrading the Cambridge Wastewater Treatment Plant.

$37.7 MILLION on expanding the Te Awamutu Wastewater Treatment Plant and pipeline (of which Waikeria Prison will pay approximately $24m).


$1.1 MILLION will be spent on destination playgrounds.

$392K on upgrading the playgrounds at Centennial Park in Te Awamutu and at Thompson Street in Leamington.


$16.7 MILLION is the total being invested in a new pool complex in Cambridge.

Of this $1.8 MILLION is being spent in the 2017/18 year. We are targeting $2 MILLION in external fundraising.


We have about 1099km of roads.

$23.6 MILLION will be spent on building new roads and cycleways $4.4 MILLION (jointly funded with NZ Transport Agency) will be spent on a new roundabout at the intersection of Hanlin and Cambridge Roads.

$11.8 MILLION will be spent on cycle / walking trails to connect our towns, our people and our sites.

... including

$3.1 MILLION for a trail connecting Te Awamutu – Ngāroto – Pirongia.

$606,600 for the Te Awa River Ride.




Over the next 10 years, we are looking at average annual rates increases of 2.23 per cent, including water charges. As of 1 July 2018, you will be charged for water separately. If we took away that charge, the average annual rates increase would be 1.53 per cent.


These projects are included in our Infrastructure Strategy which provides a longer-term view out until 2048. You can take a closer look at this strategy at waipadc.govt.nz.

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